Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mom, you will probably appreciate this the most

Aloha again!
Well, I am back in Kona, Hawaii to staff at YWAM. I know, some people didn't even know I was coming back out here. In August, I made the decision to join DTS Staff, and then headed out here on August it all happened pretty fast! I just wanted to get my Blog up and running again, so I wanted to start with a couple pictures and a short little blurb. Actually, though, the pictures are not loading very easily for some reason. I'll have to try to get more pictures up later. This is a picture of most of the staff interns who came to Kona for training at the same time I did. We had a couple weeks of classes all together and became close friends. Especially from working weekend kitchen shifts together! That's right...I spent my first THREE weekends in Kona as a member of the kitchen crew. We'd have to get there at 6 am on Saturday and Sunday! It was always fun to work with these friends, though.
I hope everyone out there is doing great. I will do my best to keep my Blog updated, because some of you may be curious about what I'm up to these days.
Love you all!

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