Monday, October 16, 2006

Earthquake and Waipio Valley

Things in Kona were mostly back to normal today. We had our regular class schedule for the day and work duty after that. Tonight we were hearing thunder and there has been lightning too. I can hear the rain coming down outside...I hope we get sunshine tomorrow, though.
Yesterday, a couple hours after the earthquake, I got to go on an amazing adventure with some friends. We drove to Waipio Valley and the beauty we saw was unreal. We hiked down into the valley, across the black sand beach, through the jungle, and then up some waterfalls. It was my favorite day so far, even though it started out with an earthquake. We even saw wild horses. That's right. WILD horses. I got really close, and then the boys got closer and were feeding rice crispies to one horse. Just a couple seconds after that picture, Andy (with the white bandanna) almost got kicked by that horse. I think it got nervous when Andy was right by it's back-side and was so close. Anyhow, we were all safe. It was an amazing day and I'll have to write more about it later. I love you all and I miss you so much!

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