Tuesday, October 10, 2006

more adventures in Kona

Hey everybody...it's been a little while since my last update. Don't worry; I'm doing great! This weekend was absolutely wonderful. I went to the beach with a few girls from U of N and we had such a blast. We went to a beach called Kahaluu Beach (also known as Children's Beach) where there is some fantastic snorkeling. A couple of the girls said it was the BEST snorkeling place they'd ever been to, because there were so many fish all over the place. I didn't snorkel, but I did get very close to some Sea Turtles. It was amazing! They came right up to the shore and were not afraid of people at all. No touching allowed, though. It's a $1000 fine! So we got as close as we could, as you can see from the picture of my friend Paulina and the friendly turtle next to her. The other picture I posted is actually me with my roomies! From left to right, HyeSeung, Traci, YoouSun and then me. Aren't we a good looking (and multi-cultural!) bunch? So, now you have some faces to go with the names. I hope you are enjoying the updates and I will keep adding more when I can. Love and hugs to all!

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Carey and Sarah said...

we went to childrens beach when we were there and Carey saw a puffer fish! He also did touch a turtle...well, the turtle actually bumped into him while he was snorkling. I tried to snorkle but all those fish FREAKED ME OUT!