Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's already November? Where did October go?

Well, sometimes I forget to update this page. So, here are a couple fun pictures... the bottom one is from the Harvest Festival (on Halloween), which was an event in the community that we volunteered to help out with. Basically, kids dressed up in costumes and played games and got prizes. Amy and I were in charge of a bowling game, and at the end of the night it felt like we had done a million squats, because we had to bend down every 2 seconds and set up all 10 bowling pins, over and over and over. It was fun, though, and we laughed a lot.
The other photo is of Charlie, Amy, and Matt as we were hitch-hiking to Hapuna this weekend. It was a very pretty beach, but unfortunately it rained on us not long after we arrived. We were all a bit gloomy after that. The main adventure was actually getting there. Life in Kona is always an adventure!
I love you guys and miss you lots.

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