Friday, November 10, 2006

Team PNG

Here is the Outreach Team you've been waiting to see! Team PNG!
Back row: Amy, Bella, Ryan, Zack, Karen, and Vern
Front row: me, Jeenie, Susanna
So, we all ate dinner together tonight and found out some cool things about our upcoming trip. We will be flying out of Kona on December 23rd, and arriving in Sydney, Australia on Christmas Eve. Then, we're going to spend the night in the airport and fly out to Papua New Guinea the next morning, Christmas Day. What an adventure, huh!? So, if you are looking for ways to pray for us, I've got some ideas:
1. That we would decide on a place to stay in PNG (right now we have a couple options, and both are in the area of Mt. Hagen)
2. That everyone on our team would get all our Outreach fees (the due date is Thanksgiving Day)
3. Pray also for health, and safety...we need God's protection!
Thanks everyone for all your prayers. I know it has made such a difference in my time here already.
I love you all!


Paul said...

Great to see your pics. Check out CLTC while you are in the region.
My family spent 2 years there with my wife and I teaching in the little international primary school. And make sure you go to the pool at the Highlander - the only pool worth mentioning.

Paul NZ

Rory said...

We are also going on outreach to PNG! So excited: check out