Monday, October 08, 2007

Arrival in Kona

The students are here!
On September 27, 2007 (a little less than two weeks ago), our students arrived in Kona, Hawaii. The U of N will be their home away from home for the next few months. It is an exciting time, but also really hectic. I have been go-go-go, but all of it is stuff I love doing. We are having class time, worship nights, aloha welcomes, etc... and we do all this because of the Lord's heart to celebrate the people of the world and live together as a community.
The school I am staffing is called the Community Transformations DTS. Our Outreach teams will leave for New York City, and Capetown, South Africa in mid December. It is such an amazing class to be a part of! I'll have to explain it more in depth later. But basically, all the staff time I put in here is like a full time job (and then some). Pray that I learn how to balance my time, and also pray that I will make connections with our students. I just want to love on them.
Miss you all!
Send me an email if you can!
*The top picture is of our classroom, We're a little bit packed, but that's a good thing. We have 42 students and 13 staff members, so it's real cozy in our classroom.
*The other picture I took at the Aloha Welcome in the Ohana Court. It was a night of hula dances, and a special display of all the nations represented in Kona this quarter.

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