Monday, October 08, 2007

Try NOT to have fun in Kona

It was one of those try-to-fit-in-as-much-fun-as-possible type of weekends.

1) We took our class of 42 students, plus 13 staff, and a few extra friends, to see the movie The Seeker on Friday night. The movie was directed by David Cunningham, who also directed the movie The Path to 9/11, (which stirred up a bit of controversy last year). His mom and dad, Loren and Darlene, are actually the founders of YWAM. David came to Kona and shared with us a little bit about his experience making this film. It seemed a little bit more special to go see the movie for its opening night after listening to the director speak about it firsthand. And I've never gone to the theaters with a group of 50 friends.

2) Our class took a trip on Saturday to one of my favorite Kona beaches. We like to call it Mile 88, but the locals refer to it as Kua Bay. It was a beautiful beach day. The boys played football in the soft sand, everyone swam in the ocean, we were constantly reapplying sunscreen, some people decided to snorkel in the salty sea, and some guys even speared an eel. After a full day of sun, we were ready to head home in our merry fleet of 15-passenger-vans. Of course, the day wasn't entirely flawless. As we were on our way back to campus, we realized we'd left two students behind. Uh, woops. But instead of making thm hitchhike home, we turned around and picked them up.

3) After the beach day, there was a Nations Party that night back at campus. We had so much fun learning dances from cultures all over the world. Johnny and I did some salsa dancing, we tried some crazy Brazilian steps, there was some hillarious break- dancing and hip hop (which was a riot because it was mostly white people, pretending like we had rhythm), I learned a traditional Finnish dance, and gave Greek dancing a try as well. Oh the fun you can have on a YWAM base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

4) My lovely roommate, Joanna Mutch, from England, celebrated her birthday on Sunday. We went out for a yummy Thai food lunch, and then later in the evening we celebrated with an AMAZING dessert called Hualalai Pie. It has been a busy weekend! I am most definitely thankful, though, for the way God is teaching me things even in the midst of all the constant activity. I am learning about people from different countries and cultures, there are people pouring into my life and encouraging me in areas that I want to grow, and I am starting to get better at seeing the world with God's perspective.

Hope all of you out there are great, wherever you may be...
And may your coming week be blessed!

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