Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, tonight, John and I just took our first dance class together. There is a married couple on base, Rebecca and Gabriel, who are teaching a six-week Swing class. I'll admit, I am a little uncoordinated, but I had such a great time it didn't even matter. Something that was so unusual to me about the class: there were more guys there than girls! That's right...the ladies were totally outnumbered. I guess the class they teach on Monday night has the opposite problem...too many girls and not enough guys. For me, it's fun to have fewer girls because then there's more opporunities for me to dance and get good practice. Instead of Johnny and I dancing together the whole night, everyone in the class rotates so we develop as versatile dancers. Our teachers, Rebecca and Gabriel, are so great and very patient with us. I'll keep you posted on how our Swing-dancing-skills progress.
Goodnight everyone!

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